Delence’s solution complements current IT infrastructure monitoring solutions by warning of impending slowdowns and outages several hours in advance, thereby providing sufficient time to avoid business disruption.  The technology utilizes historical data from the IT environment to monitor and analyze in real time a systems’ performance to predict future system problems. Further, via the ProblemPedia™ capability within the product, Delence’s software is able to analyze and correlate historical textual communications (email, ticketing systems etc) utilized to rectify related problems, and thereby provide a compendium of solutions related to each predicted problem to expedite remediation.


Our Predictive Management (ClistaTM)and Resolution Management (ProblemPediaTM) software answers the following 4 questions:

  1. System(s) Impacted

  2. Estimated Time of Impact

  3. Quantified likelihood of Impact

  4. Resolution to problem


We are the only vendor able to offer predictive management of IT systems via a subscription-based SaaS model. This ensures global availability, quicker deployment, eliminates pain for IT staff and reduces budget requirements.

  • Clista™
  • Problem Pedia™
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